Global Select Opportunities Fund – Terms

East West Investment Management is pleased to announce units of the Global Select Opportunities Fund are now available for purchase.

The Global Select Opportunities Fund:

  • Invests in hedged strategies in many different asset classes and geographies;
  • Has an adaptable mandate designed to take advantage of the most attractive strategies at a given point in time;
  • Offers uncorrelated returns, a diversifying benefit in an era of expensive financial asset prices;
  • Offers disciplined risk management administered by a team of former senior managers of Canadian banks.

Some of the strategies the Global Select Opportunities Fund will focus on are (but are not limited to):

  • Convertible bond arbitrage
  • Credit arbitrage
  • Cross-country asset arbitrage
  • Merger arbitrage
  • New issue trading
  • Volatility hedging
  • Warrant arbitrage
  • Yield curve trades

The fund’s goal is to earn a steady return with minimum volatility.  There is no benchmark as the fund focuses on absolute returns.

Class I units will be sold until July 31st, 2018; after that, Class A units will be available.

The Global Select Opportunities Fund – DISCIPLINED AND ADAPTABLE.

Historical Performance

Class A

2018    +0.81%+0.12%+0.22%+0.12%+0.72%+0.24%-0.35% 2.02%

Class I

2018    +0.95%+0.21%+0.32%+0.21%+0.85%+0.33%-0.29% 2.56%

East West Global Select Opportunities Fund Offering Memorandum

Fund Type
Limited Partnership

Launch Date
May 1st, 2018

Accredited Investor

Minimum Investment


Monthly with 1 months notice
*Fee charged if within first 12 months

Management Fees
Class A – 2%
Class I – 1%

Performance Fees
Class A – 20%
Class I – 15%


Permanent high-water mark
No hurdle

This page contains key information you should know about the Global Select Opportunities Fund (the “Fund”). You can find more detailed information in the Fund’s offering memorandum. The offering memorandum is available for download on this page.  If there are any discrepancies between this document and the Fund’s offering memorandum, the offering memorandum shall govern.  Past performance is not indicative of future returns.